[Telepathy] telepathy-inspector (0.1) released!

Dafydd Harries dafydd.harries at collabora.co.uk
Tue Aug 15 05:34:21 PDT 2006

Ar 14/08/2006 am 15:59, ysgrifennodd Daniel d'Andrada Tenorio de Carvalho:
> Hi everyone,
> Telepathy Inspector is a telepathy client (GTK+) whose objective is to 
> expose all interfaces and functionalities implemented by a given connection 
> manager along with its connections, channels, etc.
> The idea is to enable the user (likely to be a Telepathy developer) to 
> easily view and access all methods and interfaces of all Telepathy entities 
> (CMs, connections, etc), which could not be easily achieved using a regular 
> telepathy client since it would (and should!) hide all Telepathy logic 
> behind a pleasant, usability oriented, GUI.

Excellent! This has the beginnings of being a very useful tool for testing.

Some ideas for improvements:

 - It seems somewhat erratic at detecting new channels. Does it connect to the
   NewChannel signal?

 - Parse .manager files and provide a drop-down list of connection managers
   rather than requiring the user to type the manager name in.

 - Scan the bus for running connection managers on startup. For extra points,
   detect when new connection managers appear on the bus.

 - If both the previous points are done, it allows having a view which shows
   all the available connection managers, which of them are running, and a
   list of connections for each running manager.

 - If pointed at a running connection manager, initialise the connection
   window to the running state.

 - Anywhere where the user needs to input a handle, have a drop-down list of
   known handles.

 - Hide connection parameters named "password". :)

 - Make boolean connection parameters use a toggle button rather than a text
   entry. (À la gconf-editor.)

Thanks very much for this tool; I'm looking forward to see it develop.


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