[Telepathy] telepathy-inspector (0.1) released!

Daniel d'Andrada Tenório de Carvalho daniel.carvalho at indt.org.br
Fri Aug 18 06:01:49 PDT 2006

ext NAVEEN VERMA wrote:
> Hi Danial,
Hi Naveen,
> I manage to install the telepathy-inspactor on fedoracore 5, but when 
> I am trying to run it give an error as:
> "Failed to open connection to bus: Unable to determined the address of 
> the bus"
I'm *far* from being a D-Bus guru, but this message looks like a basic 
D-Bus error. I strongly recommend you to get acquainted with D-Bus 
before jumping into Telepathy.
> Do I need to install anything else related to telepathy apart from 
> "telepathy-inspector" application? Like connection manager library etc.
Well, I'm not sure if I understood your question but Telepathy Inspector 
uses D-Bus directly (its glib bindings) and that's all. And, of course, 
you should also have a connection manager (e.g., telepathy-gabble or 
telepathy-mockup), otherwise telepathy-inspector won't have anyone to 
"talk with". :-)

Daniel d'Andrada T. de Carvalho - INdT

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