[Telepathy] MSN connection manager

Ali Sabil hybrid at tuxfamily.org
Mon Jun 19 09:49:53 PDT 2006

Hi all,

This is to announce the availability of the first MSN connection manager
for Telepathy.

This connection manager is still under development, so don't expect it
to work without glitches. It can be grabbed with bzr.

To get it working you need to first fetch the pymsn library:

$ bzr get http://ifaedi.insa-lyon.fr/~asabil/bzr/pymsn.devel/

next you will have to fetch the msn connection manager :

$ bzr get http://ifaedi.insa-lyon.fr/~asabil/bzr/telepathy-msn.devel/

you will also need the stable telepathy-python :

$ darcs get

now cd into telepathy-msn.devel and make symlinks to the pymsn package
an to telepathy-python (sorry there are no proper install methods for

$ cd telepathy-msn.devel/
$ ln -s ../pymsn.devel/pymsn pymsn
$ ln -s ../telepathy-python-stable/telepathy telepathy

now it's time to copy the msn.manager to ~/.telepathy

$ cp msn.manager ~/.telepathy/

i think everything is setup now, and you should be able to run the
connection manager, and connect to msn (i tried both tabby.py and

$ python imsn.py

Right now the connection manager doesn't support adding and removing
contacts (the code exists, but it's disabled), but it does support
conversations :)

Happy playing with Telepathy ;)


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