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Stefan Eilers stefan.eilers at basyskom.de
Mon May 1 09:15:28 PDT 2006

Hello out there!

Its took his time and is still unfinished, but I think it is time to  
announce our project page. Due to the fact that the previous name  
(openCDI) was too technology based for the most of us, we decided to  
rename the project to Decibel. After Nuno Pinheiro gave us a great  
looking logo, we decided to go online with the things we currently have.

The page contains a (very short) description about the aim of  
Decibel. As we currently working on the mission control stuff, the  
main part of this page contains telepathy related stuff. It contains  
some use case and sequence diagrams to show how we see the  
architecture and to clear some things up, which are not documented on  
the official telepathy page.
This information is just for the discussion here, thus it would be  
great if all of you would look at it and say what's right or may be  
changed.. We will add additional information as fast as possible to  
finish the design.

Feel free to comment our page and tell us what should be added..

You will find the page at: www.decibel-kde.org

Mfg., Stefan Eilers
Stefan Eilers
Projekt Manager

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