[Telepathy] Welcome to our project page..

Rob Taylor robtaylor at floopily.org
Mon May 1 10:04:57 PDT 2006

Stefan Eilers wrote:
> Hello out there!
> Its took his time and is still unfinished, but I think it is time to
> announce our project page. Due to the fact that the previous name
> (openCDI) was too technology based for the most of us, we decided to
> rename the project to Decibel. After Nuno Pinheiro gave us a great
> looking logo, we decided to go online with the things we currently have.
> The page contains a (very short) description about the aim of Decibel.
> As we currently working on the mission control stuff, the main part of
> this page contains telepathy related stuff. It contains some use case
> and sequence diagrams to show how we see the architecture and to clear
> some things up, which are not documented on the official telepathy page.
> This information is just for the discussion here, thus it would be great
> if all of you would look at it and say what's right or may be changed..
> We will add additional information as fast as possible to finish the
> design.

Hmm, I do question why we need another project name and page - I'm quite
happy for all the KDE work to be done under the Telepathy banner, and
using the same resources.

But if you insist on having this KDE/rest of world split, then can we at
 least put all the common stuff on telepathy.freedesktop.org? (e.g.
state diagrams, mission control specs, etc.)

Also, some more discussion would be appropriate - it seems to be all the
 use cases and sequence chats are very wrong - and these are all cases
that we've well analysed and have been implemented already. *In
particular* mission controls job is *NOT* to act as an intermediatary
for all communication - this is madness -5 context switches to find out
anything at all!! At the most basic level, all a mission control needs
to do is manage account details, launch connection managers, and handle
incoming channel requests, launching the appropriate handlers based on
platform/user choice.

To be slightly more positive, If you guys can come talk a bit more,
getting some real sequence diagrams and state charts together that
actually document reality would be very very useful to all concerned.

Right now I'm working on getting a nicer looking page up on fd.o, just
waiting for moin 1.5 to get installed.. ;)

Rob Taylor

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