[Telepathy] Welcome to our project page..

Robert McQueen robert.mcqueen at collabora.co.uk
Mon May 1 10:22:19 PDT 2006

Stefan Eilers wrote:
> Hello out there!
> Its took his time and is still unfinished, but I think it is time to
> announce our project page.

It's not really clear to me why any of your goals of improving Telepathy
by implementing a Mission Control component or integrating with KDE
warrant a seperate project, especially when our main page is a wiki
where you can detail all of your work anyway.

> Due to the fact that the previous name
> (openCDI) was too technology based for the most of us, we decided to
> rename the project to Decibel.

One of the problems with our name that we discussed at Fosdem was that
it was too generic and not locatable by just Googling for Telepathy. I
don't really see how Decibel is any better in this regard, and it sounds
a lot more VOIP specific than Telepathy intends to be.

> Mfg., Stefan Eilers
> -- Stefan Eilers
> Projekt Manager


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