[Telepathy] Welcome to our project page..

Robert McQueen robert.mcqueen at collabora.co.uk
Wed May 3 10:04:04 PDT 2006

> Hi,
> So is it like, user already has two channels one for text and another
> for media, and as per connection requiest type(text or media). Mission
> Control select and start correspondion channel?

No, you don't already have any channel. The "connection" in Telepathy is
an object which represents your connection to the server. If you wish to
undertake a certain type of communication with an individual, this is
represented by a "channel" object. You can use the RequestChannel method
on the connection object to request a certain type of channel, with a
particular user on that connection. If the user tries to contact you,
the NewChannel signal will be emitted.

> -Regards
> --Naveen


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