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Kai Teuber Kai.Teuber at basyskom.de
Tue May 2 07:22:09 PDT 2006


after comparing the basic use case from the telepathy website [1] with our 
diagram 'outgoingconnection' [2], I don't see why everything should be wrong. 
There are some small differences, but only answering questions won't help  
bringing up an architecture.
The main difference is that you are using a contact manager, which wasn't 
declared within the specification. This functionality is include in our 
mission control.
Btw.: I'm not sure whether your are really separate presence information, 
contact information and information needed for connections itself (like 
passwords, etc.) which may be stored in different desktop components.

Here's what the basic use case provides and what we have written down:

1.Albert logs in
- System startup was not covered by us.
- Since there wasn't a contact manager within your specification we thought 
mission control manages the contacts.

2.Albert views contact list
- The client UI requests contact list – how did that start up? To provide a 
universal interface we called it desktop UI.
- As our Mission Control is managing the presence information,  it has to stay 
updated. You solution to receive signals by the connection managers is the 
better solution than our “polling”!
- The contact manager has to match possible communication types - that's what 
we do with mission control.
- Client displays contact list – exactly the same.

3.Albert initiates chat with Bertha
- Albert selects Bertha and chat – same here just called 
- Client UI asks Contact Manager for all possible methods of forming a text 
channel to Bertha – just called 'establishConnection()'
- Somehow it is necessary to see if the needed resources are available – does 
the contacts manager check these too?
- A difference: we start up a matching client now – yours was already there. 
Is the client responsible for starting a matching connection manager?
- What happens if additional clients are needed? Who is starting them?
- Also we provide the connection informations to Client & Connection Manager.

4.Bertha accepts
- we only looked at one communication partner's side at the moment

What's the job of mission control? Only startup connection managers and read 
configuration files? This is less than stated in the archtecture overview, 
provided on your page!

[1] http://telepathy.freedesktop.org/wiki/BasicScenario

 Kai Teuber

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