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Kai Teuber Kai.Teuber at basyskom.de
Wed May 3 02:51:51 PDT 2006


> I am trying to understand the use case and flow diagram. I have a doubts
> as:

The diagrams are our attempt to understand telepathy too. Unfortunately the
current documentation isn't clear at the moment.

> - Is it like this, that when user login in desktop UI, he will get the
> presence status of all the available members in his list, including there
> the  media capabilities, so that before making a session, user knows the
> media capabilities of all the members.?(Like weather callee can do voice
> and sharing or not.). I think IM by default will always be available for
> all the participants.

The user can see all his contacts that are online at the moment. Also the
information what type of communication is possible will be matched. I can't
say if these informations will be inside a desktop-UI or a client.
IM isn't by default always available. It depends on the available
communication types by the remote contacts.

Example: If your friend is online via VoIp you can make a call, if he's
 online by Jabber you can choose IM. Or if he's using both programs at the
 same time the user can choose VoIp or IM.

> - Is all the media related information already stored in the system or will
> be negotiated at the time of session establishment?

I think both is possible. There should be an way storing media informations
inside the system. But the user must have the possibility not to save his

 Kai Teuber

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