[Telepathy] Re: [Gossip-dev] Avatars+Gossip+Telepathy

eitan at ascender.com eitan at ascender.com
Sun Nov 5 19:12:02 PST 2006

> I have started implementing avatars for the gossip branch using
> telepathy. I am also implementing the server-side group support. Both of
> these use experimental (non-reviewed) branches of the gabble connection
> managers, so unfortunately is relatively hard to try these out yet.

Could you point us to the patches/branches you are using?

> Avatars work already, but there are some issues which i want to raise
> here:
>  * Since we need some persistant storage of the avatar token (to
> optimize bus transfers) what API should i use to store a contact's
> avatar ID to disk and read it back on restart. I suspect it involves
> xml, am I right? Any pointer is appreciated here.

We don't have any caching right now in gossip for avatar digests. Isn't 
the token about 60 bytes long? Why do you think this is a necessary 
At least in our XMPP backend we are recieving the digest with every 
presence notice anyway, so there is no need to cache.

>  * This is a general problem in the Telepathy branch, every single
> telepathy dbus call is synchronous. In the case of avatars it breaks
> horribly since requesting an avatar is a direct IO operation over the
> network. The whole branch need to be ported to async calls everywhere. I
> can do this, but right now i prefer to concentrate on features. When i
> finish avatars and server-side groups, i will start porting everything
> to async calls.

I see the overall need to asynchronize the telepathy code. But 
specifically for the avatar stuff, why don't you just implement it 
asynchronously now?

> As for the Server-side groups, i am going to start later today, i
> already read the API. I still need to observe the existing code and find
> the good spot to add the code for it.

That would greatly improve Gossip-Telepathy for Make Benefit Glorious 
Nation of Kazakhstan!

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