[Telepathy] Re: [Gossip-dev] Avatars+Gossip+Telepathy

Raphaël Slinckx raphael at slinckx.net
Fri Nov 10 16:53:55 PST 2006

Hi !

On Mon, 2006-11-06 at 05:12 +0200, eitan at ascender.com wrote:
> > I have started implementing avatars for the gossip branch using
> > telepathy. I am also implementing the server-side group support. Both of
> > these use experimental (non-reviewed) branches of the gabble connection
> > managers, so unfortunately is relatively hard to try these out yet.
> Could you point us to the patches/branches you are using?

The avatars branch:

The groups branch:

Both of these are experimental (although the API is stable) and contain
bugs, especially the groups one.

For the gossip branch i have used CVS -r TELEPATHY

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