[Telepathy] ContactInfo

Robert McQueen robert.mcqueen at collabora.co.uk
Sun Nov 26 19:29:58 PST 2006

Xavier Claessens wrote:
> Hi,
> The ContactInfo interface
> (org.freedesktop.Telepathy.Connection.Interface.ContactInfo) is
> deprecated. Is there another interface spec to get/set contact's
> information ?

No, but it'd be trivial to imagine one...

GetContactInfoFields () -> a(ss)
 list of the well-known field names supported by this connection, along
with their types, such as:

GetContactInfo (u) -> a{sv}
 for a given contact, return a dictionary of the fields available for them

SetContactInfo (a{sv}) -> ()
 set your own info, according to the into fields...

Depending on what you think of the properties interface (perhaps overly
abstract?), you could number the fields and use those as keys in the
methods, but that might be a bit overkill. The real work here is
enumerating the field names to include in the spec.

> Thanks,
> Xavier. 


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