[Telepathy] mission control API

Robert McQueen robert.mcqueen at collabora.co.uk
Tue Oct 17 10:34:21 PDT 2006

Eitan Isaacson wrote:
> I would add two more, IMHO:
>  * Unifying contacts:
> It would be cool if there was some correlation between identical
> contacts. This could allow fallbacks to different CMs depending on the
> contact's availability. A simple use case, I want to message Beth, my
> priorities are: Jabber, MSN, SMS. This means that I will attempt to
> reach her in that order, depending on availability. The CM needs to
> magically unify all these contacts, and needs to give the user a way to
> alter the preferred methods of communication.

I'd put this unifying job in the lap of Galago and something a little on
top of it. Galago is the component which is meant to read your address
book and see that these contacts on different protocols are the same
person. The telepathy-feed could put in a lot more of the info from
Telepathy (capabilities, handles, existing channels, etc) so that when
the other bit (the widgets, I guess) are trying to implement a policy
like; prefer Jabber to MSN; prefer online people to dead people; etc, it
can make the decision with information at hand.

>  * Widget library:
> For desktop MCs it would be nice if they provided a shared library with
> a variety of useful widgets in their respected toolkit (QT/GTK+), that
> would allow any program to display account settings, list CMs and such
> with a unified look. It will use the API you guys proposed. A simple use
> case: A user expects to be able to edit his accounts settings in the
> roster window (which is not part of MC), the roster program (ie.
> Gossip), could simply display the same thing you would see in the MC's
> capplet.

MC is meant to be a daemon, rather than a UI component. Yes, we should
make sure that these widgets are provided, but it's orthogonal to MC.
Probably just libgalago-gtk, or libtelepathy-gtk or somesuch, which will
make EDS, Galago, MC or CM calls to decide/do what the user wants.


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