[Telepathy] Get existing connection in clients

Xavier Claessens xclaesse at gmail.com
Sat Apr 14 03:21:58 PDT 2007

> To summarize, we have various proposals:
>  - Allow RequestConnection to return an existing connection. My problem with
>    this is that the connection manager makes an arbitrary decision about
>    whether the parameters given to RequestConnection are close enough to a
>    connection that's already open, and that it pevents the connection manager
>    from exiting once the connection has been launched, which was previously a
>    valid way of doing things.
>  - My suggestion to add extra metadata to the .manager file to hint at which
>    parameters are significant when comparing connections. This is not really
>    very useful to clients without some way of inspecting the parameters of
>    existing connections.
>  - Adding a GetParameters call to Connection, as mentioned above. We might
>    want to use a different name, as the ConnectionManager already has a method
>    by this name, and there are potential benefits of having method names be
>    globablly unique, namely that a wrapper API can always derive the interface
>    from the method name.
>  - Just require clients to coordinate connections using an out-of-band
>    mechanism. (I.e. keep the status quo.)

Actually it's no more my problem, this should be discussed with nokia
guys for the MC. btw, What's the policy in MC to recover already
connected connections?


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