[Telepathy] mission-control 2.21 released

Alberto Mardegan mardy at users.sourceforge.net
Thu Apr 19 04:53:10 PDT 2007


2007-04-19  Alberto Mardegan  <alberto.mardegan at nokia.com>

         * configure.ac: Version 4.21.

         * libmissioncontrol/mc-account-priv.h:
         * libmissioncontrol/mc-account.[hc]:
         * libmissioncontrol/mc-profile.[hc]:
         Ability to set/get the account alias.

         * src/mcd-connection.c:
         Set the account alias upon connection, and listen to its changes.

2007-04-16  Alberto Mardegan  <alberto.mardegan at nokia.com>

         * libmissioncontrol/mc-account.c:
         Unset the account properties when the passed string is NULL. Also,
         unset the display name if the passed value is the empty string.

2007-04-02  Alberto Mardegan  <alberto.mardegan at nokia.com>

         * src/mcd-chan-handler.c:
         Invert the order of scanning of the .chandlers files, to give 
them the
         correct priority.

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