[Telepathy] How to configure gabble manager file to work behind a firewall

Robert McQueen robert.mcqueen at collabora.co.uk
Thu Aug 23 10:24:29 PDT 2007

Zhu, Peter J wrote:
> Hi Rob,

Hi Peter,

> Thanks for quick response.  Then comes three more questions:
> (1) Which component reads the manager file?

Mission control and/or a UI which is responsible for managing the
accounts, launching the connection managers and creating the connections.

> (2) According to your statement, if I understands correctly, in any case
> the default value will be fed to connection manager in process of
> RequestConnection, but it just can't get gabble work

No, the .manager file isn't used as a source of the default settings,
the .manager file just tells people what the defaults are. It can be
viewed as a cache of the information that you can get from ListProtocols
and GetParameters on the ConnectionManager interface, but allows that to
be accessed by clients without launching every manager installed on the

> (3)Strangely why there is a extra 's' in the pair of parameters, why not
> just name of http-proxy-server/http-proxy-port? 

All that Loudmouth supports is making an HTTP CONNECT request, which is
used for establishing HTTPS connections through proxies, so we call a
proxy that supports CONNECT an HTTPS proxy.

> Thanks,
> Peter


> Robert McQueen wrote:
>> Hi Peter,
>> Connection managers don't /read/ the .manager file, it's just a
>> documentation of the parameters which are available and what their
>> default values are if you don't provide them. You should set the
>> https-proxy-server and -port values in the dictionary of parameters
>> you provide to RequestConnection.
>> Regards,
>> Rob
>> Zhu, Peter J wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> Is it possible to configure gabble manager file so that it can
>>> connect outside from wihin a firewall? I tried to do following but
>>> 	failed 	default-https-proxy-port=XX
>>> defalut-https-proxy-server=foo.org 
>>> Any help are appreciated.
>>> Thanks,
>>> Peter
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