[Telepathy] When is their phone ringing (was: Group interface usage?)

Tobias Hunger tobias at aquazul.com
Fri Jul 20 06:22:17 PDT 2007

H Mikhail!

On Friday 20 July 2007, mikhail.zabaluev at nokia.com wrote:
> This is somewhat poor reflection of the useful call progress information
> that may be reported through signalling. In SIP calls there are two
> adjacent phases of an outgoing call: one is "connecting" (INVITE has been
> sent, but no response other than 100 Trying has been received), and the
> next is "ringing" (we've got a 180 Ringing response). It would be nice to
> have this detail supported in the StreamingMedia channel interface or
> elsewhere, so we don't mislead the user with a ringing indication while the
> call might not even come through to a remote endpoint.

Yes, that would be nice to have. My telepathy-snom CM is not using SIP 
directly but "remote-controls" a SIP-phone. That notifies me when it trying 
to connect to somebody and again when that somebody picked up the phone (or 
rejected the call).

So I am fine with the "call progress report by moving handles between 

Best Regards,

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