[Telepathy] Media API redesign for SIP SOA and ICE

Dafydd Harries dafydd.harries at collabora.co.uk
Mon Jun 4 05:55:06 PDT 2007

Ar 04/06/2007 am 00:06, ysgrifennodd mikhail.zabaluev at nokia.com:
> While we are at it, there is a discrepancy between ICE signaling and Telepathy data structures for candidates, which will raise its head when Farsight implements RTCP.
> A Telepathy "candidate ID" can be mapped to an ICE "foundation ID", and ICE candidates for different components of a media stream (i.e. RTP and RTCP ports) belonging to the same foundation would come as transports for one Telepathy candidate. The problem with this straightforward mapping is, ICE may come up with nominated candidate pairs for different components not belonging to the same combined foundation and hence having different ID pairs, and NewActiveCandidatePair method is unsuitable for this situation, unless we come up with some other mapping. ICE, for its part, uses component-address-port tuples to signal selected candidates to the peer.

Another discrepancy is that Telepathy uses priorities that are floats in
(0.0, 1.0), whereas ICE uses (IIRC) 32-bit uints.


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