[Telepathy] Media API redesign for SIP SOA and ICE

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>Ar 04/06/2007 am 00:06, ysgrifennodd mikhail.zabaluev at nokia.com:
>> While we are at it, there is a discrepancy between ICE 
>signaling and Telepathy data structures for candidates, which 
>will raise its head when Farsight implements RTCP.
>> A Telepathy "candidate ID" can be mapped to an ICE 
>"foundation ID", and ICE candidates for different components 
>of a media stream (i.e. RTP and RTCP ports) belonging to the 
>same foundation would come as transports for one Telepathy 
>candidate. The problem with this straightforward mapping is, 
>ICE may come up with nominated candidate pairs for different 
>components not belonging to the same combined foundation and 
>hence having different ID pairs, and NewActiveCandidatePair 
>method is unsuitable for this situation, unless we come up 
>with some other mapping. ICE, for its part, uses 
>component-address-port tuples to signal selected candidates to 
>the peer.
>Another discrepancy is that Telepathy uses priorities that are 
>floats in
>(0.0, 1.0), whereas ICE uses (IIRC) 32-bit uints.

The Telepathy ones are actually doubles, so we can have a good bidirectional conversion between the two.
I'm for the more generic values here.

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