[Telepathy] File transfer spec

Marco Barisione marco at barisione.org
Thu Jun 7 06:01:50 PDT 2007

Il giorno gio, 07/06/2007 alle 12.19 +0100, Simon McVittie ha scritto:
> * We should define some well-known keys for the optional info dict. In
>   particular, UInt64: size (omitted if not known).

iChat adds send the mime-type and the posix permissions of the file in
its file offers. Do we need them?
The mime-type could be useful but what should happen if I'm offering a
"dangerous" file but with the type set to "image/jpeg"?
The permissions are probably useless and dangerous.

Other useful keys could be a description and the creation date.

> * IIRC, we wanted to be able to support "groups" of files as well as
>   single files, so we could support Google Talk in future? Or do we not
>   care about maintaining the difference between offering a bunch of
>   files together vs offering them one after the other?

It would be useful but it's not possible with the currents methods.

> A reasonable criticism. Or we could change the signature of
> CloseFileTransfer and FileTransferClosed, like so:
> CloseFileTransfer(u: id, u: reason)
> FileTransferClosed(u: id, u: reason)
> with one of the reasons being FILE_TRANSFER_CLOSE_REASON_SUCCESS.


> > Can the state of a file transfer change from open to pending? I think
> > that a (local or remote) pending transfer can only become open, so why
> > FileTransferStateChanged and not FileTransferOpened or
> > FileTransferStarted?
> You could be right there, yes.

I like FileTransferStareted and I would change the name of the state

> > The order of the arguments to NewFileTransfer and the values returned by
> > ListFileTransfers() are different, it's not a big problem but I would
> > like to move state before filename in NewFileTransfer.
> Or vice versa. I agree that the inconsistency is silly.

And in Python you cannot do:

for ft in chan.ListFileTransfers():

I prefer to move state between direction and filename so it's
immediately after the other enum.

Marco Barisione

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