[Telepathy] File transfer spec

Marco Barisione marco at barisione.org
Mon Jun 11 08:18:45 PDT 2007

I have branched the spec, my branch is available from

At the moment it contains only two patches, I have added a
FileTransfer_CloseReason enum and changed the order of the arguments
passed to NewFileTransfer().

Il giorno gio, 07/06/2007 alle 15.02 +0200, Marco Barisione ha scritto:
> Il giorno gio, 07/06/2007 alle 12.19 +0100, Simon McVittie ha scritto:
> > > Can the state of a file transfer change from open to pending? I think
> > > that a (local or remote) pending transfer can only become open, so why
> > > FileTransferStateChanged and not FileTransferOpened or
> > > FileTransferStarted?
> > 
> > You could be right there, yes.
> I like FileTransferStareted and I would change the name of the state
> too.

Maybe some protocols support pausing and resuming file transfers, so we
could keep FileTransferStateChanged() and add a paused state. Does it
makes sense?

Marco Barisione

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