[Telepathy] Proposed MC api

Alberto Mardegan mardy at users.sourceforge.net
Fri Jun 8 01:03:28 PDT 2007

ext Naba Kumar wrote:
> Presences:
> ----------
> * SetPresence(s:status, s:message) -> void
> * GetPresence() -> s:status, s:message
> * GetPresenceActual() -> s:status, s:message

I notice only now, that you wrote "status" as a string; is it a typo or 
is it intentional? In the rest of the API, it is an unsigned integer.
And I guess that we actually mean to call it "presence".

What about introducing some API to set the presence on individual accounts?

SetAccountPresence(s:account, u:presence, s:message) -> void
GetAccountPresence(s:account) -> u:presence, s:message
GetAccountPresenceActual(s:account) -> u:presence, s:message

> * GetCurrentStatus() -> u:connect_status, u:actual_resence,
> u:requested_presence, a(suuu)

In the current implementation of telepathy-mission-control, the a(suuu) 
array is for:
s:account    The account name
u:status     The account's connection status
u:presence   The presence
u:reason     The connection status reason

To make it really complete, we could make it like this:

GetCurrentStatus() -> u:connect_status,
  u:actual_presence, s:actual_presence_message,
  u:requested_presence, s:requested_presence_message,
  a(suuus) = s:account,

Should we also have the requested presence+message for each account in 
the array?


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