[Telepathy] Standardising Mission Control

Xavier Claessens xclaesse at gmail.com
Thu Jun 14 01:20:52 PDT 2007

Up. Still no comments? I want to implement that I really need it for
empathy. Is that ok?

On another topic, something that should be part of the spec as discussed on
> IRC with naba:
> Actually nokia's MC has a plugin system to register filters. Basically a
> plugin register itself and tells the MC if a channel should be dispatched or
> not. Filters can be provided by the UI (the status icon). For example I want
> to make a status icon that blinks when I receive a new message from one of
> my contacts with a libnotify bubble displaying the first message received
> and only start the chat program when the user click on then icon. Actually
> with nokia's MC I have to register a filter plugin (linked into MC itself)
> which will do DBus calls to tell the status icon for new channels to be
> filtered... If think that work should be done in the core of MC. Here is a
> quick proposal for a DBus API:
> On Mission Control's API:
> method RegisterFilter (bus_name, object_path, channel_type)
> --> Where bus_name and object_path discribe the object registered on the
> bus providing a the filter interface
> The filter interface should have:
> method FilterChannel (Channel, Connection)
> --> called by MC on the object given in by RegisterFilter to tell the
> filter program that there is a new channel to be filtered
> signal FilterChannelProcesse(Channel, connection, bool dispatch)
> --> emitted by the filter program to tell the MC that channel
> should/shouldn't be dispatched
> Is there comments on that ?
> Who is working on writing a draft spec ? I think we can start to write it.
> Xavier Claessens.
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