[Telepathy] Standardising Mission Control

Alberto Mardegan mardy at users.sourceforge.net
Thu Jun 14 02:17:26 PDT 2007

ext Xavier Claessens wrote:
> Up. Still no comments? I want to implement that I really need it for 
> empathy. Is that ok?

I think we are missing a parameter in FilterChannel, that is if the 
channel is incoming or outgoing (and maybe in RegisterFilter, too); I 
guess this information can be found out by looking at the channel 
members, but since MC knows it, I think that most filters would benefit 
from that.

I think we should also allow for another parameter to RegisterFilter for 
specifying the priority of execution of the filter, and figure out a few 
classes of priorities, such as "system", "user notification",...
It would be user unfriendly to have a filter that asks the user for 
incoming channel acceptance, and then have the channel blocked because 
the initiatior is in some blacklist.


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