[Telepathy] [Bug 11291] support for xep-0092, Software Version

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------- Comment #4 from xclaesse at gmail.com  2007-06-17 05:17 PST -------
Shouldn't it be possible for the client to set that value? Like that we can say
the client is "Empathy" instead of Gabble...

At least clients should be able to get the value for a given contact handle.

I think  we need an API in the spec like:

GetClient(au: handles) -> a{s: ClientName, s: ClientVersion}
  This takes an array of contact handles and returns for each the name and
version that contact is using. SelfHandle is accepted.

SetClient(s: ClientName, s: ClientVersion) -> void
  This changes our client name/version to override the default value setted by

  Emitted when the ClientName/ClientVersion changes. The value is an array of
struct containing: Contact Handle, client name, client version. This is emitted
when the the value changed for self contact too.

Those can be added to the org.freedesktop.Telepathy.Connection interface.

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