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------- Comment #5 from simon.mcvittie at collabora.co.uk  2007-06-17 05:34 PST -------
What is the purpose of this feature? Is there something you can do if you know
the software version that you can't do otherwise, or is it just present for
"advertising" purposes?

In Telepathy I don't know whether it makes sense to report the actual client
version (e.g. Empathy) - if you're doing some sort of version-specific bug
workaround, for instance, it seems more likely that it'd be a Gabble bug.
Empathy doesn't implement any XMPP feature.

Also, it's possible that more than one client is sharing a connection (that's a
lot of the point of the Telepathy architecture), in which case the Gabble
version is the only meaningful version number we can provide. For instance, if
you're doing collaborative audio editing with Jokosher, I don't think the
Jokosher version is useful to put in the jabber:iq:version.

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