[Telepathy] Spec for file-transfer and tubes

Mads Chr. Olesen shiyee at shiyee.dk
Sun Mar 11 14:43:49 PDT 2007

On fre, 2007-03-09 at 17:40 +0000, Dafydd Harries wrote:
>  - I'm not keen on the Ready() method, as only one client can call it. I'd
>    prefer a ListTubes method so that any client can recover the state of the
>    channel. This allows different clients to decide whether they want to
>    handle an incoming tube.
I'm not sure that the state of a Tube is generally recoverable. A Tube
can definitely not be shared between two different clients.

I was thinking of doing one client = one TubeNegotiation = many tubes.
Your proposal implies many clients = one TubeNegotiation pr. contact =
many tubes.

Basically we need a method to ensure that only _one_ client handles a
Tube. I don't have a clear idea on this...

>  - In the tube type enum, I think we're better off saying "D-Bus" rather than
>    "DTube".

>  - Rather than giving tubes an "application name", wouldn't it be better to
>    give them a "protocol" or an "interface" or just a "type"? The name of the
>    implementation is not really what matters.
You're right. I have changed it to "protocol".

In addition, I have added a ImportFromLocalINETSocket method to
IOStream, to connect to a local listening socket. Otherwise we will have
no way to have e.g. vncserver in one end of a tube :-)

Mads Chr. Olesen <shiyee at shiyee.dk>

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