[Telepathy] Looking for a coool name

Dafydd Harries dafydd.harries at collabora.co.uk
Fri Mar 16 08:08:36 PDT 2007

Ar 15/03/2007 am 12:52, ysgrifennodd Rapha??l Slinckx:
> Hi !
> > As discussed on IRC I'm starting a new set of applications build on top
> > of nokia's MC and reusing gossip's UI. The idea is to have one tarball
> > containing one folder per application (account manager, contact list,
> > chat, voip) plus one folder with a lib for common parts. The first
> > application I'm working on is an account creation/edition. When the set
> > of application will be enough to be used for common tasks of an user it
> > will become the GNOME IM stack.
> Xavier, if you continue in this approach keep in mind that i did a lot of work
> in that direction with cohoba (maybe you can use that name?). All that work
> and experience hasn't been in vain, I hope. You should really try to look
> at the problems I faced and how they impacted the development of cohoba.

Can you say a bit more about the main problems you encountered? I think it
would be educational for us all.

> There were also ideas we discussed about at the UDS with Simon and Carlos concerning
> account and vcard edition UI. Basically they all turned around using gnome-about-me capplet,
> or a new one, that allows to setup accounts at a GNOME-wide level in the same way you setup sound.

You have in mind a new ContactInfo API? I don't think it should be
vCard-specific at the API level, though of course we should design for
protocols that do store personal information in vCards.

For gnome-about-me to control Telepathy accounts implies some sort of official
blessing of Telepathy by GNOME, and also a standard way of storing accounts
that gnome-about-me can use. Perhaps initially we should focus on using the
information that gnome-about-me currently stores; e.g. by using the name it
stores as an alias by default. This seems like something that MC would do.
Where does gnome-about-me store its information?


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