[Telepathy] Looking for a coool name

Raphaël Slinckx raphael at slinckx.net
Thu Mar 15 04:52:39 PDT 2007

Hi !

> As discussed on IRC I'm starting a new set of applications build on top
> of nokia's MC and reusing gossip's UI. The idea is to have one tarball
> containing one folder per application (account manager, contact list,
> chat, voip) plus one folder with a lib for common parts. The first
> application I'm working on is an account creation/edition. When the set
> of application will be enough to be used for common tasks of an user it
> will become the GNOME IM stack.

Xavier, if you continue in this approach keep in mind that i did a lot of work
in that direction with cohoba (maybe you can use that name?). All that work
and experience hasn't been in vain, I hope. You should really try to look
at the problems I faced and how they impacted the development of cohoba.

I'm at your disposition and I'm even willing to help as much as time permits to
help you in that direction, as it is clearly the way forward !

There were also ideas we discussed about at the UDS with Simon and Carlos concerning
account and vcard edition UI. Basically they all turned around using gnome-about-me capplet,
or a new one, that allows to setup accounts at a GNOME-wide level in the same way you setup sound.

There were also privacy concerns, for example some fields of your vcard stored in e-d-s you don't 
want them to be published in your IM status, while some others you want.

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