[Telepathy] Re: telepathy-sharp build changes

Alp Toker alp.toker at collabora.co.uk
Tue May 1 10:56:03 PDT 2007

Calvin Gaisford wrote:
> Alp,
> Here is an svn diff of the changes I made.  The changes basically do the
> following:
> - Remove the building and inclusion of dbus-sharp code
> - Add dependency and reference to ndesk-dbus (to replace dbus-sharp)
> - Added build commands to install assembly in the gac
> - Fixed up the make dist command to include all of the needed files
> I think that's it.  These changes made it much easier to package!

Thanks for the changes Calvin! These are now in SVN as of r1771

I'll be maintaining the hand-written INdT.Telepathy (telepathy-sharp) 
library until we get C# code generation into the official telepathy-spec 

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