[Telepathy] mission-control 2.22 released

Alberto Mardegan mardy at users.sourceforge.net
Fri May 11 01:15:21 PDT 2007



2007-05-11  Alberto Mardegan  <alberto.mardegan at nokia.com>

         * configure.ac: Version 4.22.

         * src/mcd-service.c:
         Let AccountStatusChanges signal be emitted even on connecting.
         Fixes: #1716701.

         * libmissioncontrol.pc.in:
         * mission-control.pc.in:
         Fix pkg-config requirements. Fixes: #1713514.

         * src/mcd-channel.[hc]:
         Add mcd_channel_is_missed() method to know if a channel has been
         accepted by the local user.

         * src/mcd-dispatcher.c:
         If a channel is aborted right before the channel handle starts, 
         a dispatch failure.

2007-05-04  Onne Gorter  <onne.gorter at nokia.com>

         * libmissioncontrol/mc-account.c: (_filter_secondary_vcard_field):
         * libmissioncontrol/mc-account.h:
         Fix minor issue with secondary field, add
         mc_account_get_secondary_vcard_fields() function

2007-05-04  Onne Gorter  <onne.gorter at nokia.com>

         * libmissioncontrol/mc-account-priv.h:
         * libmissioncontrol/mc-account.c: (_filter_vcard_field),
         (_filter_secondary_vcard_field), (mc_accounts_list_by_vcard_field):
         * libmissioncontrol/mc-account.h:
         Add mc_accounts_list_by_secondary_vcard_field to retrieve all 
         accounts that support a vcard fields as their secondary means 
of access.
         Usefull for sip that can call TEL fields through a gateway.

2007-05-04  Alberto Mardegan  <alberto.mardegan at nokia.com>

         * src/mcd-connection.c:
         Make sure the connection status is retrieved every time a 
         is created.

2007-05-02  Alberto Mardegan  <alberto.mardegan at nokia.com>

         * libmissioncontrol/mission-control.[hc], src/mcd-master.[hc],
         src/mcd-service.c, xml/MissionControl.xml:
         Add methods for retrieving the actual and requested presence 

         * src/mcd-connection.c:
         Don't set account status to CONNECTING if we don't have a Telepathy

         * src/mcd-service.c:
         Make sure only valid presence values can be requested. Fixes 

2007-04-25  Alberto Mardegan  <alberto.mardegan at nokia.com>

         * server/Makefile.am:
         Fix server build: use local libmissioncontrol-config.

2007-04-24  Alberto Mardegan  <alberto.mardegan at nokia.com>

         Patch from shiyee:
         * libmissioncontrol/mc-manager.c:
         Add GError initialization. Fixes #1705225.


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