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Rob Taylor rob.taylor at codethink.co.uk
Sat May 12 12:18:34 PDT 2007

Xavier Claessens wrote:
> Hi,
> I set telepathy ML in CC to get input from other telepathy team :)
> I think libempathy is the right place to have EDS integration. Actually we
> have one GossipContact (will be renamed to EmpathyContact at some point)
> object per telepathy contact. This mean if I have 2 accounts (MSN and
> Jabber) with the same *real* person I get 2 different contacts with
> potentially different avatar/presence/alias/etc.

> On top of that we have an EmpathyContactManager that takes the contact list
> from each account and provides an API to access them all at once. I think
> your work should go there. EmpathyContactManager should return only
> EmpathyPerson objects (not yet implemented). That object should be
> responsible of syncing information from one or more GossipContact from
> different accounts that represents the same real person and EDS
> information.
> I think that can be your job if you want to help us :D
> I'm sure soylent UI can be build on top of libempathy is you merge your eds
> work in it.

Personally, I'd really like to see a gtktreemodel that has a row per
real person, using the knowledge we have on the person in eds to collate
more data from other sources (such as presence and avatar). I'd like to
work from the design that telepathy is one of a possible number of
sources of presence/info/avatar, e.g. if you have someone's rss feed in
eds, we could pick up an avatar from an image in their channel. From
this point of view, would it still make sense to you to do this in
libempathy, or just use libempathy for the telepathy part?

Rob Taylor

> Xavier Claessens.
> 2007/5/11, Travis Reitter <treitter-dev at netdrain.com>:
>> Hi Xavier!
>> Empathy looks pretty cool, and the code I've looked at so far looks like
>> it's high-quality. I'm in the process of moving, so I haven't had time
>> to use the app or examine the code in-depth yet.
> It looks like you've handled most of the IM-level Telepathy integration
>> work. I've completed most of the near-term Evolution Data Server
>> integration into Soylent, and my next step is Telepathy. I haven't
>> looked at Telepathy in detail yet, either, so if make any incorrect
>> assumptions below, please correct me.
>> I'm mainly planning to use Telepathy for presence and coherence with
>> Telepathy-based apps (ie, so I see the same usernames, presence, etc.
>> that those apps see). For actual communication GUIs, I'm planning to
>> delegate everything to Mission Control. So if someone selects a contact
>> in Soylent, and hits the "Chat" button, Mission Control would pass that
>> work on to Empathy. I don't want to re-write and embed those GUIs in
>> Soylent itself, so I don't think there's any duplication of effort
>> between Empathy and Soylent on that.
>> It looks like you've got a good start on libempathy and libempathy-gtk.
>> If we could build e-d-s support into libempathy, I could do my back-end
>> work there and libsoylent would be unnecessary (which sounds good to
>> me!). The core of Soylent represents individual People as EContacts
>> within e-d-s. So a Person's presence is based on the presence of their
>> IM usernames stored in their EContact, not on a separately-stored
>> contact list. A list of EmpathyContacts, GossipContacts,
>> TelepathyContacts, (or however "live" IM accounts will be represented
>> in-application during the application lifetime) would only be used as
>> necessary (in Soylent) to update the GUI according to presence, and
>> won't be the basis for Person object cohesion. In Empathy, that same
>> sort of list would be used to also start the IM connections through
>> Telepathy, etc. But I think the best way in both cases is to collect the
>> IM usernames from EContact-represented People.
>> So I would really like to work on the library-level stuff with you. I
>> think Soylent and Empathy make sense as separate applications using the
>> same libraries.
>> How does that sound to you?
> -Travis
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