[Telepathy] Fwd: Empathy/Soylent

Alp Toker alp.toker at collabora.co.uk
Mon May 14 06:51:51 PDT 2007

Xavier Claessens wrote:
> That's my idea too. EmpathyContactManager should merge information 
> from all kind of sources to expose only person objects (one per real 
> person). Once that's done, GossipContactList (that's a GtkTreeView 
> derivated object) should only display EmpathyPerson objects.
> Really if someone can implement that in libempathy (or with an 
> exeternal library like galago ?) it would be really GREAT !
> I know novell guys have that goal too, I hope they'll either work with 
> empathy or build an external library that can be reused by empathy.

I can help to coordinate these efforts. Novell seems open to 
re-licensing their code appropriately and they would be encouraged to 
hear that you're willing to work with them (rather than rewriting it all 
in C). Perhaps you could make the first move by helping to abstract 
their code a little and splitting it out into a separate assembly?

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