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Sat May 12 14:46:58 PDT 2007

Forwarding my reply to Rob Taylor, I forgot to make a reply-all, sorry :)

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From: Xavier Claessens <xclaesse at gmail.com>
Date: 12 mai 2007 21:30
Subject: Re: [Telepathy] Empathy/Soylent
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2007/5/12, Rob Taylor <rob.taylor at codethink.co.uk>:
> Xavier Claessens wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > I set telepathy ML in CC to get input from other telepathy team :)
> >
> > I think libempathy is the right place to have EDS integration. Actually
> we
> > have one GossipContact (will be renamed to EmpathyContact at some point)
> > object per telepathy contact. This mean if I have 2 accounts (MSN and
> > Jabber) with the same *real* person I get 2 different contacts with
> > potentially different avatar/presence/alias/etc.
> > On top of that we have an EmpathyContactManager that takes the contact
> list
> > from each account and provides an API to access them all at once. I
> think
> > your work should go there. EmpathyContactManager should return only
> > EmpathyPerson objects (not yet implemented). That object should be
> > responsible of syncing information from one or more GossipContact from
> > different accounts that represents the same real person and EDS
> > information.
> >
> > I think that can be your job if you want to help us :D
> >
> > I'm sure soylent UI can be build on top of libempathy is you merge your
> eds
> > work in it.
> Personally, I'd really like to see a gtktreemodel that has a row per
> real person, using the knowledge we have on the person in eds to collate
> more data from other sources (such as presence and avatar). I'd like to
> work from the design that telepathy is one of a possible number of
> sources of presence/info/avatar, e.g. if you have someone's rss feed in
> eds, we could pick up an avatar from an image in their channel. From
> this point of view, would it still make sense to you to do this in
> libempathy, or just use libempathy for the telepathy part?

That's my idea too. EmpathyContactManager should merge information from all
kind of sources to expose only person objects (one per real person). Once
that's done, GossipContactList (that's a GtkTreeView derivated object)
should only display EmpathyPerson objects.

Really if someone can implement that in libempathy (or with an exeternal
library like galago ?) it would be really GREAT !

I know novell guys have that goal too, I hope they'll either work with
empathy or build an external library that can be reused by empathy.

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