[Telepathy] telepathy: problem fro accessing stream-engine

Matthieu LAURENT matthieu.laurent at purplelabs.com
Tue May 22 10:05:35 PDT 2007

no problem you can cc your asnwer to the mailing list, in fact it can
helps other, you're right.


Robert McQueen wrote:
> Hi Matthieu,
> Was it intentional that you replied to me off the list, or are you happy
> for me to CC my answers there so they might help others too?
> Matthieu LAURENT wrote:
>> First of all, thank you for your answer.
>> I am new in the world of open source, so thank you for educating me and
>> giving me some advises.
> Sure, no problem.
>> I am also new in the telepathy world. I understand more and more things
>> but there are still some interactions between processes
>> (telepathy-cilent (tp_caller), connection-manager, stream-engine) that
>> are not clear, and some details I don t understand... but I am working
>> on it :)
> If you start to understand things, you could update documentation on the
> Wiki to help other people. :)
>> So the telepathy-client (tp_caller, or another on) can directly call
>> methods of the stream-engine, without passing through the
>> connection-manager. Am I right?
> Yes, there are three "directions" of communication.
>           C
>  Client <---> Stream Engine
>    |\           /|
>     \           /
>   A  \         /  B
>      \|       |/
>   Connection Manager
> A: The client talks to the connection manager to arrange the call, which
> streams and their media types, etc
> B: The connection mananager talk to stream engine to communicate the
> codecs and networking information necessary to establish the call.
> C: The client talks to the connection manager to see the state of the
> streams, which are
>> the example of the duration was just an example.
>> I may want to inform the telepathy-client of current delay in
>> communication; percentage of rebuffering in the buffer-jitter queue...
>> What is the best way to bring this information from the stream-engine to
>> the telepathy-client?
>> Send regularly signals from the stream-engine that will be caught by the
>> telepathy-client (without passing through the connection-manager)?
>> If yes, this means, as you said, add some signal to the stream engine's api.
> Right, you can add API to stream engine if you want to keep using the
> architecture above. For more advanced usages, you might be more
> interested in the work in this branch:
>  http://projects.collabora.co.uk/~monkey/stream-engine-refactor/
> Although it's not complete, the plan there is to seperate out the parts
> of stream engine which just relay information between Farsight (the
> streaming library) and the Telepathy streaming API. These can then be
> moved into Farsight or a seperate library, which can be used by a
> Telepathy client who wants closer access to the Farsight API, monitoring
> the Jitter Buffer, etc.
> If you need more control than the stream engine API allows for, this
> approach might be more elegant than adding more and more stuff to the
> API. Some of what stream engine does is quite specific to the Nokis N800
> internet tablets, and we think a library would be far more useful in
> other situations.
>> Thanks again for your help
> No problems.
>> Matthieu
> Regards,
> Rob

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