[Telepathy] Any sample code of using telepathy-sofiasip

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	Subject: [Telepathy] Any sample code of using telepathy-sofiasip
	I am new to telepathy-sofiasip. Can anybody tell me if there is a good sample to show how to use telepathy-sofiasip?

You can try looking into the SVN trunk of Empathy; it's a GUI for the Telepathy framework and it's been getting some VoIP features.
Using connections and channels provided by telepathy-sofiasip should be the same as using any other Telepathy connection manager, except telepathy-sofiasip has a specific set of configuration parameters which you can look up in the sofiasip.manager file (generated as part of the build process). Look at the source in src/sip-connection-manager.c for more detailed information as to their purpose and default values.

	Yes, in its source package, there is a "tests" folder which contains some python sample code, but they are not enough.

Very true. In fact, we would appreciate it very much if somebody contributes more extensive tests, e.g. to cover various call cases.
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Mikhail Zabaluev, Nokia Multimedia, Helsinki
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