[Telepathy] New Connection Manager

Jonny Lamb jonnylamb at jonnylamb.com
Tue Dec 9 02:55:18 PST 2008

On Tue, Dec 09, 12:38:04 +0200, Ralf Kistner wrote:
> However, I'm having trouble implementing some features not present in
> the Butterfly project, for example file transfers (I know the spec is
> only in draft version, but I'm willing to change my implementation as
> the spec is updated). One of my biggest problems is, how do I test it?
> Currently I'm using the Empathy package for Ubuntu from launchpad.

Regarding file transfer, Empathy 2.25.2 onwards has file transfer support.
You can also use the examples/file-transfer.py script from
telepathy-python HEAD. For more general testing you should try out

Jonny Lamb, UK
jonnylamb at jonnylamb.com
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