[Telepathy] Account conditions overengineered

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>mikhail.zabaluev at nokia.com wrote:
>> Yes, this requires more thinking; at least a use case could help.
>That's what I think about most of this thread! I'm not going to attempt
>to specify account conditions until or unless someone can come up with
>some requirements and/or use cases.

One relevant use case is binding accounts to specific network APs provided by the connectivity subsystem.
The user has two accounts "Personal SIP" and "Work SIP" configured from the SIP preset.
The preset condition mandates an IP default route. Additionally, the UI lets the user bind accounts to network
access points: for example, "Work SIP" can be brought online if "Work WLAN" is connected, and "Personal SIP" is automatically connected in "Home Wi-Fi" and "Cafe Wi-Fi" (ideally, it should be !"Work WLAN" because only the workplace intranet is known to be crippled). As we discussed on IRC, the condition provider could artificially group the alternatives and use the group ID as a single condition, but that in my opinion only shifts the complexity to the clients.

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