[Telepathy] Review of MissionControl spec

Mika Niinistö mikan75 at gmail.com
Fri Jan 18 01:27:04 PST 2008


First, from where I stand, there *has* to be a string handle channel
requester. For me, there's no other choise. I *have* to support
launching from offline state, meaning I don't have access to Connection
interface at all in this point, nor Connection Manager for that matter
either (there's actually no need if string handle requests are supported
by MC). It's not client's business to start going online and waiting
until the connection manager is up, then start requesting handle from
Connection and then request the actual channel from Mission Control so
it can track ongoing requests. The more of a centralised functionality
is stripped away from mc, more code is to be duplicated possibly into
several different channel handlers.

Localisation of display name in profile. Only option for me currently is
to use gettext. So, putting the localisation into the .profile file
itself isn't an option for me...


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