[Telepathy] [Bug 14124] New: Support for MSN Content Roaming (can' t currently represent MSN's odd avatar semantics)

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Fri Jan 18 05:56:59 PST 2008


           Summary: Support for MSN Content Roaming (can't currently
                    represent MSN's odd avatar semantics)
           Product: Telepathy
           Version: unspecified
          Platform: Other
        OS/Version: All
            Status: NEW
          Severity: enhancement
          Priority: medium
         Component: telepathy-spec
        AssignedTo: telepathy at lists.freedesktop.org
        ReportedBy: simon.mcvittie at collabora.co.uk

Currently, the Avatars interface copes with two types of avatar support:

* Server-stored (e.g. Gabble): you push your avatar to a central server, and
everyone else pulls it from the central server. When you disconnect and
reconnect, your old avatar is still there.

* Transient (e.g. Salut): everyone pulls your avatar directly from you. When
you disconnect and reconnect, you have to "re-publish" your avatar (that is:
our client pushes the avatar to our connection manager, so that other people
can pull the avatar from our connection manager).

For the moment, we've agreed that telepathy-butterfly should follow the second

However, MSN does in fact have centralized avatar storage - it's just that only
the owner of the avatar can download it! Edited IRC transcript:

13:45 < smcv> asabil: am I right in thinking that the following hypothetical 
              scenario is a reasonable caricature of how MSN behaves, with more 
              familiar protocols substituted?
13:46 < smcv> in a hypothetical protocol called NSM, other users get the avatar 
              from us directly
13:46 < smcv> this means if you sign on to your account from two different 
              computers, the second doesn't have the avatar that was set by the 
13:47 < smcv> so as a workaround, you email the avatar to yourself whenever you 
              set it
13:47 < asabil> lol
13:47 < asabil> that's exactly it
13:47 < smcv> and when you sign on on a different computer, you grab the most 
              recent avatar from your mailbox with IMAP, and set it
13:50 < asabil> smcv: that's almost it
13:50 < asabil> just do a s/IMAP/SOAP/

We're not sure how the Avatars interface should represent this.

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