[Telepathy] Account and AccountManager objects

Alberto Mardegan mardy at users.sourceforge.net
Tue Jan 29 00:51:40 PST 2008

ext Simon McVittie wrote:
> So whatever UI causes the activation is responsible for deciding what
> status to set? That sounds rather mysterious... it sounds like a job for
> MC really. On the other hand, I suppose the UI might ask the user?
> - ----------------------------------------------------
> |To call Bob, you need to connect to the account   |
> |"Google Talk (example at gmail.com)".                |
> |                                                  |
> |Set this status: [ (-) Busy |v]                   |
> |with message:    [On the phone__________________] |
> |                                                  |
> |      [   OK   ]   [ Cancel ]                     |
> - ----------------------------------------------------

In theory -- but I hope that in practice the UIs won't bother the user 
with such questions. :-)

> Thinking about this some more, here are ways an account can become connected,
> and possible things we could do:
> * We gain an Internet connection, or do some other action that can
>   trigger an "onlineness" event. Accounts that are so configured try to
>   go online.
>   Requirements to support this: either MC guesses an appropriate status
>   for all accounts (in ITOS2008 it's a global preference), or each
>   account has a stored value for "when you get online, do this".
>   Reasonable implementation: for each account, either store a boolean
>   "put this online whenever possible", or a presence type (possibly Offline)
>   "set this status whenever possible" (I was leaning towards the latter
>   in previous mails)

I vote for presence type, +message (not that I find the message that 
important, but it doesn't cost much to add it now).

> * The user asks to initiate a call/IM session/... with a stored contact.
>   That account has to go online first.
>   Requirements to support this: either MC guesses an appropriate status
>   for the account, or it uses the stored status from the previous case
>   Reasonable implementation: the UI sketch above seems OK, actually.
>   The UI could always ask MC "what status would *you* set?",
>   or perhaps pass in Connection_Presence_Type_Unset to trigger an MC
>   decision, if it doesn't want to ask the user.

I think that going online with the same presence (+message) we talked 
about above is the simplest and most coherent solution. Of course the UI 
can choose to give the user the possibility of setting another presence 
(but if I were a user I would be quite annoyed by that), either by 
changing the default presence for the account, or by forcibly request 
that presence, wait for the account to connect, and then call 

> * The same as the last one, but we weren't previously connected to a
>   network, and we activate the network connection for the purpose (this
>   is mostly an Internet-tablet case).
>   Reasonable implementation: either we somehow freeze automatic
>   connection for a short time, or we reason "well, while they're going online
>   anyway..." and do the same as any other "gaining an Internet
>   connection" event

MC will have plugins for requesting connectivity.

> * The user explicitly asks to put this account online
>   (implicitly selecting a status)
> * The user explicitly asks to put a group that includes this account,
>   or all accounts, online (should probably be exactly the same as the previous)
> For the VPN use-case, we could have something in the Advanced tab of
> account config, I suppose:
> |                                |
> | This account requires          |
> | [ VPN "vpn.example.com"    |v] |
> - ----------------------------------
> together with some way for VPN plugins, etc. to add extra requirements.

Yes. More about this on the next email. :-)


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