[Telepathy] Account and AccountManager objects

Alberto Mardegan mardy at users.sourceforge.net
Tue Jan 29 01:08:09 PST 2008

ext Alberto Mardegan wrote:
>> * We gain an Internet connection, or do some other action that can
>>   trigger an "onlineness" event. Accounts that are so configured try to
>>   go online.
>>   Requirements to support this: either MC guesses an appropriate status
>>   for all accounts (in ITOS2008 it's a global preference), or each
>>   account has a stored value for "when you get online, do this".
>>   Reasonable implementation: for each account, either store a boolean
>>   "put this online whenever possible", or a presence type (possibly Offline)
>>   "set this status whenever possible" (I was leaning towards the latter
>>   in previous mails)
> I vote for presence type, +message (not that I find the message that 
> important, but it doesn't cost much to add it now).

No, I just realized we really need two separate things here:

1) a boolean flag that says whether we want this account to connect 
automatically when its connectivity requirements are met.

2) presence+message to be set when connecting as a result of some 
implicit need (such as the just mentioned case of connectivity becoming 
available, or a channel request on an offline account).

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