[Telepathy] Using SIP with Empathy on Ubuntu 8.10

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>Subject: [Telepathy] Using SIP with Empathy on Ubuntu 8.10
>Hi all
>I am looking for some instructions on how to get Empathy working with
>SIP (specifically an Ekiga.net account) on my recently updated Ubuntu
>When I create an Ekiga account from within Empathy, I get the rather
>unhelpful message "Network Error", and no information about what is
>wrong or how I can fix it. The username and password are correct, so I
>can't see what else to do. Any suggestions?

Run telepathy-sofiasip manually with debugging information:

export TPSIP_DEBUG=all
export TPORT_LOG=1
TPSIP_PERSIST=1 /usr/lib/telepathy/telepathy-sofiasip

Then run Empathy with the SIP account and look at the output.

Hope this helps,

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