[Telepathy] telepathy-qt4 cmake branch ready for review

George Goldberg grundleborg at googlemail.com
Wed Apr 8 11:32:12 PDT 2009

2009/4/8 Andre Moreira Magalhaes wrote:
> As discussed on #telepathy, we seem to have some divergence regarding
> cmake usage.
> Some people believe that if we change tp-qt4 to cmake, we should change
> all other tp projects using autotools as well. I believe as a long term,
> this is a right solution, but as a mid term we should change only tp-qt4.
> Reasons:
> - Most qt related projects uses cmake, so this is the de-facto standard
> for qt projects
> - Make it easy to build on Windows (this is also valid for other projects)
> - Changing tp-qt4 first, we will be able to find any problem related to
> cmake usage and fix it before changing other projects
> - Learning curve, for those who don't know cmake yet, they could look at
> how tp-qt4 cmake is done

Just to add one more reason, which is a big one for me:
In order to have stuff in KDE that depends on tpqt4, it needs to be
buildable on all KDE platforms - ie Windows and Mac as well as Linux.
This means that even if don't adopt a cmake buildsystem, we will end
up with one being maintained in parallel to our buildsystem (probably
by the KDE Windows team, as has happened in previous situations like
this) anyway.

George Goldberg

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