[Telepathy] telepathy-qt4 cmake branch ready for review

Siraj Razick siraj.razick at collabora.co.uk
Wed Apr 8 19:48:54 PDT 2009

George Goldberg wrote:
> 2009/4/8 Andre Moreira Magalhaes wrote:
>> As discussed on #telepathy, we seem to have some divergence regarding
>> cmake usage.
>> Some people believe that if we change tp-qt4 to cmake, we should change
>> all other tp projects using autotools as well. I believe as a long term,
>> this is a right solution, but as a mid term we should change only tp-qt4.
>> Reasons:
>> - Most qt related projects uses cmake, so this is the de-facto standard
>> for qt projects
>> - Make it easy to build on Windows (this is also valid for other projects)
>> - Changing tp-qt4 first, we will be able to find any problem related to
>> cmake usage and fix it before changing other projects
>> - Learning curve, for those who don't know cmake yet, they could look at
>> how tp-qt4 cmake is done
> Just to add one more reason, which is a big one for me:
> In order to have stuff in KDE that depends on tpqt4, it needs to be
> buildable on all KDE platforms - ie Windows and Mac as well as Linux.
> This means that even if don't adopt a cmake buildsystem, we will end
> up with one being maintained in parallel to our buildsystem (probably
> by the KDE Windows team, as has happened in previous situations like
> this) anyway.
+1 for cmake switch, and Ian++ :). A gradual switch is better than a big 
change at once.
Cmake is an attractive option when promoting this library in KDE :).  
and George is very much true about the
possibility of a fork, if tpqt4 doesn't switch to cmake by the time it 
becomes a KDE dependency.  It would be awesomely cool if this patch gets 
merged upstream very soon :).

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