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Thu Jun 18 11:51:37 PDT 2009

As mentioned in #telepathy, I am working on Ubuntu One (U1) which is going  
provide a set of cloud based services to Ubuntu Users.

I would really like to use Telepathy in this project but, I am unclear as to
what it will involve. I would appreciate any feedback. Sorry for the long  

Currently, my primary focus is on Screen Sharing using vino/vinagre.

I understand there are already changes made to support these over stream  
which will already provide a lot of what we wanted to do. In addition we  
like to do is provide U1 users access to private proxy servers if we can't
establish a p2p connection when a Tube offer is made. (This is where I am  
unsure how
this would work)

There are also other things we think we can do to improve performance:
* Find ways to increase success of P2P connections using Tubes (libnice  
changes perhaps)
* Decrease bandwidth usage by adjusting options in vino (there's a vino bug  
for this)
* Smart Proxy/Message Accelerator between vino/vinagre? (Idea based on  
* Proxy between server/viewer for Compression like NX? (We can't change  
RFB, but we could create a special client/server proxy)

Here are some additional possibilities we are considering for  

Connecting U1 Users
* Connecting our users to our XMPP server
* Contacts Presence (Empathy, custom client)
* Chat User <----> User (Empathy)
* U1 notifications Server ---> User (Empathy? or custom client)
* Bob has shared a folder with you
* Bob wants to share his contact list with you...
* Bob wants to do this wizbang U1 thing with you (etc..)

U1 specific XMPP Extentions:
* Not sure, there has to be something (Account Info?)

If you have any questions feel free to contact me (jdobrien on  
usually in #ubuntuone or #telepathy.

Thank you in advance for your help,
John O'Brien
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