[Telepathy] telepathy-gabble and authenticated SOCKS5 proxy

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Mon Jun 29 05:12:54 PDT 2009

> Indeed.

> Just to be clear, this code is for *bytestream* SOCKS5 proxy (used by

> file transfers and tubes), not to connect to your XMPP server through a

> SOCKS5 proxy.

> > If it is correct, were there reasons why it isn't supported or are

> > there plans to support it in the future?

> Main reason is because http://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0065.html doesn't

> mention proxy authentication and I have no idea how we are suppose to

> manage that (is that even possible in that context?).

> Furthermore, I don't know any proxy requiring authentification.

Thanks Guillaume,

I am still digesting the complexities of how SOCKS5 proxies for bytestreams  
are negotiated.
I am working on determining if I can use a private proxy server in this  
context and restrict the proxy servers use.

Authentication is the only way I could think of.

Mohammad H. Al-Shami.

Can we keep this thread specific to s5b proxies. Please start a new threat  
about basic proxy support.
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