[Telepathy] GSoC idea: Gnome Games + Telepathy Tube

Zhang Sen zh.jesse at gmail.com
Thu Mar 19 08:40:52 PDT 2009

Hi lists!

I already sent something similar to games-list (no reply yet), but since
I have been reading about this project and got more clear, I would like
to mail the three relevant lists, to ask for suggestions and talk with
the developers and potential mentors.

Basically, I want to make gnome-sudoku solvable by two players together.
One can click on a 'play with your buddy' button and choose a buddy who
is online. Then the two can collaborate on the puzzle. They can fill in
the board at the same time, communicate about it and also finish the
game at the same time.

For the technical part, sudoku is in python and telepathy-python may
also be used, which should be clearer than C. I played with sudoku's
code before and for the past two weeks I have been looking into
telepathy. Now I roughly knows how telepathy tube works.

I think most of the work will be to add network support to sudoku. The
telepathy part also needs efforts though, since we don't have much
documentation for telepathy. (Of course, that's why there are mentors :)

There is some things I can learn from to accomplish the project. For
example, several of gnome-games already have network support, which
serves as good examples to show how to change a game into a networking
one. And there are several applications which make use of telepathy,
e.g. a patched GTetrinet and TicTacTube. They illustrates how can I use
telepathy tube.

I also think about taking the other games as the gsoc project. The ones
already with network surely need less modification. Working on Iagno or
others can also be interesting. But since I am already familiar with
sudoku code and I prefer python, sudoku would be more better. So what's
your opinion or this?

I am only stating what's in my mind and now it's far from an
application. So I welcome any comment from the community :)

Zhang Sen
(aka jessezh on IRC)

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