[Telepathy] GSoC idea: Gnome Games + Telepathy Tube

Vincent Untz vuntz at gnome.org
Thu Mar 19 09:13:57 PDT 2009

Le jeudi 19 mars 2009, à 23:40 +0800, Zhang Sen a écrit :
> I also think about taking the other games as the gsoc project. The ones
> already with network surely need less modification. Working on Iagno or
> others can also be interesting. But since I am already familiar with
> sudoku code and I prefer python, sudoku would be more better. So what's
> your opinion or this?

Interesting. I wouldn't have thought as sudoku for a first game to use
tubes :-) The idea of having the games use tubes is good (and I'love to
be able to play with my contacts from empathy!).

I'd think creating an infrastructure that all games can use would be
great. The gnome-games maintainers will hopefully have some useful
comments from you.


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