[Telepathy] [Bug 18055] [abi-break] telepathy-glib should use glib-mkenums for enums not exposed on D-Bus

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Danielle Madeley <danielle.madeley at collabora.co.uk> changed:

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--- Comment #5 from Danielle Madeley <danielle.madeley at collabora.co.uk>  2009-09-18 04:16:23 PST ---
So I recently asked why the new TpAccount wrapper-API wasn't using GEnums and
was pointed to this bug.

It seems to me like we could possibly use GEnum in new API, except for the
following problems:
 * API would be inconsistent between old and new APIs
 * GEnum is strict about guarding against values outside the range, this is a
problem if the other end is using a newer version of the Telepathy spec.

It's possible that the second problem could be fixed with the addition of a
g_value_force_enum(), which would be like set_enum() but without the bounds
checking. The idea being that you enforce enum bounds checking on the API side,
but you accept any incoming value on the D-Bus side.

I wonder if, even if it's not used in the API, it's worth adding glib-mkenums
to the build, so that we can dump the names of specified enum values for
debugging with g_enum_get_value().

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